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Privacy Policy

Printers Copiers & More's Privacy Policy

Printers Copiers & More respects your need for privacy and safety.

When you purchase online, we need your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, credit card number, credit card type, expiration date and credit card identification number (on selected cards only). We use this information for the sole purposes of billing and shipping purposes and to contact you, if necessary.

We have designed the Printers Copiers & More website so that no personal identifying information is displayed online or is accessible to the general public. Printers Copiers & More identifies your order only by your order number or username if you choose to provide one.

Printers Copiers & More does not share names, addresses and telephone numbers with any businesses! If you have any questions please contact Printers Copiers & More by one of the following ways:

Telephone: 862.214.2143
Fax: (973) 485-8900
Email: Contact Us

Use of Your Email Address

If you provide us with your email address, register as a customer or make a purchase from us, we will occassionally send you email with recommendations or notices of new products and prices. We also send email to keep you informed about the status your orders. If you do not wish to receive email from Printers Copiers & More simply request to be taken off of our email list.

Internet Protocol Address

Printers Copiers & More log's the user's Internet Protocol Address (IP). An IP Address is a number that is automatically assigned to your PC every time you browse the Internet. Information from the IP Address is used for system administration, to examine overall traffice trends, troubleshooting, etc. This data is used only in the aggregate form. IP addresses are not linked to any personal identifiable information, meaning the user is session is tracked but the user remains anonymous. Personally identifiable information is not collected or used.


Printers Copiers & More uses software tags called "cookies" to identify customers when they visit our site. They help us understand your buying preferences and customize our service to your needs. By understanding which areas of the site you visit, cookies allow us to present information, products and specials that are of personal interest. Our goal is to save you time and make your shopping experience unique to you. The information we collect with cookies is not sold, rented or shared with any outside parties.

Updating Customer Information

At any time you may update your Printers Copiers & More customer account information by clicking on Account Update. Here you may update your name, password, billing address, shipping address, email address, telephone number and credit card information.

SSL Encryption

Printers Copiers & More uses SSL Encryption for the safety of the consumer and his/her information. To learn more about SSL Encryption please click on the Verisign logo located on the Printers Copiers & More website Home Page.


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During the online checkout process, you will be prompted to select one of the following forms of payment:


  • All orders are subject to billing and address verification for security purposes prior to shipping. This step is taken to protect our customers from identity theft and credit card fraud.
  • We will contact you via email or phone if additional details are needed in order to properly verify your billing or shipping information. Incorrect billing information or unsuccessful address verification might delay the delivery date.
  • In the unlikely event that an item is on back order during order verification, we will notify you via email or phone to provide you with either a substitute item or available date.
  • If the SHIPPING address is different from the BILLING address, please make sure that you entered a verified phone number that is on file with the bank for the given credit card so we can call you on it in order to verify your SHIPPING address.
  • We cannot specify the exact delivery date with any carrier. Tracking numbers will be provided via email. Please make proper arrangements to receive an item/items at your location. Failure to receive an item is beyond our responsibility.
  • We do not guarantee same day shipping.
  • Orders are not processed during the weekends.
  • The expected delivery dates are applicable only to United States orders.